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Tarl Cab

PostSubject: Membership App.   Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:06 pm

Good day Vandals,
I am asking for memebrship in your alliance. I have played a couple of servers before, so I won't require any noob training. I am playing Gaul. I like to play mostly defense, and contribute to an alliance that way. Phalanx and Druid Riders can really help you out when an attack is coming. I can also "store" friendly settlers in my traps until you have all 3 ready.
My pop and troop count are a little low for now, but I started the server late. I have some Phalanx for small raids now, but am working on getting scouts and TT's soon. I joined the current alliance I am in because any half way decent player knows you cannot survive without being in one. Plus it had quit a few other players in my area. However, they have quickly proven that most of them are inexperienced. Please consider my request. I am sure that I will not dissapoint you.

Tarl Cabot
140 / 82
Current pop: 123 (but growing fast)

P.S. Please message Wicania for a refernce. Thank you.
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Membership App.
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