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 travain .dictionary short edition

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PostSubject: travain .dictionary short edition   Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:24 pm

Short list of most often used travian slang & normal terms. Please feel free to add yours or ask for explanations if its missing some terms.

o pop to catapult players all cities or some cities to 0 population so they vanish from map
30 X 30 The grid in the large map blow out - 30 grid squares each side - Tournament Squares give travel bonus outside your 30X30
7X7 The grid around your village on the standard map - as counted by 7 long and 7 wide - area where you acquire get an Oasis
Anvil: Big amount of defensive troops capable of breaking a hammer.
Attack: To engage the enemies city until death. This setting will either kill all of your attack, or all of the defense. Any remaining troops will loot resources as per normal carrying capacity.You can only use cata, rams and senators in attack mode.
Banned: If a multihunter catches you playing more than one account, doing lopsided trading between accounts you are sitting, or otherwise being naughty, they will ban you. Then you have to write to the multihunter (politely works best) and they will decide what to do with you. Punishments may include random reductions of buildings and fields, emptying your warehouses, and deleting multiple accounts.
Bounty: Loot in recs taken from an enemy city.
Clubbies= Clubswingers
croplock to catapult players all cropfields to 0, all crop boost buildings (mill & bakery) marketplace and granary tehnicaly paralysing player and making him unable to play further without friends/alliance crop shipments
Dodge an attack: It is the strategy of right before an attack, send the troops out, and then right after the attack click the X and bring the troops back. This strategy is really good in case they are trying to chief your village, and there are seconds between the first and second attack. Your troops skip the hammer and get back in time to kill the chiefs.
dual/trio account: that means two/three people playing the same account in different time zones, which means almost 24hour coverage and fast growth.
EC= Equites Ceasaris
EI= Equites Imperiaasodaosdoa (dont know the proper spelling)
Empty Village: This is an strategy a player can use to defend against a raid. If your attacker troops are bigger than your defense, or if you are unsure if that is going to be the case, send your troops out of the city and spend the resources, so the attacker just walk through the city without doing any damage.
Enforcer: Person in charge of building the alliance's hammer, with the resources sent for every member in the alliance.
fake: a one soldier attack, which mission is to confuse the defender when among other attacks or send a warning message.
FAQ - Frequently asked Questions sheet, a useless guide that often defines terms and give no actionable information. A collection of facts. See Travian FAQ
Feeder: Village or villages settled around your main one which mission is to provide resources to it.
Forum - essential meeting place of alliance. Primary point of contact and news source.
Hammer: Big amount of offensive troops, combination of infantry and cavalry most often, used to break through defenses.
IGM in game message = message sent to player using travian messaging system
Legos= Legionaires
meta-alliance: a confederation of big alliances
Multihunter: volunteers who search for players who are using more than one account to gain an unfair advantage. Multihunters do not play on the worlds they hunt in.
NAP: Non-Agression Pact...a peace agreement between two alliances. They do not necessarily have to help you in a time of need, but it is agreed that the two alliances will not attack each other
natars: At the end of the server the Natars are released, in their villages alliances will be able to build the World Wonders. They will defend their cities ferociously and attack you while building the WW. The alliance that takes their WW to level 100 will win the server.
Oasis A patch of land that can give resource production bonuses. the Oasis must be cleared of the troups of nature and then final wave must include the hero of the village wishing the oasis. Oasis does not house a village but troups may be stationed there.
POD: Point-Of-Destination - Basically one selected coordinate around which a group of players have agreed to build their villages. In com1 there are three: POD, iPOD and 300POD.
Praets= Praetorians
Px= Phalanx
Raid: To briefly engage the enemies city and steal recs. Unless the numbers are horribly slanted one way or the other, both sides will likely have survivors, but since less troops have died, you typically will get a larger bounty.
Recs - An abbreviation for Resources - entomology believed to be from requisitions.
Reinforcements: Troops sent to other city to help in their defense.
Reins: Measured in wheat per hour, are reinforcements sent from another player to reinforce your city.
RR - a abbreviation of request reinforcements
Search - a wonderful and useful tool in forums to see if your question or issue has been previously addressed. can be found in forum header links.
simcityer: player that just dedicate his/her villages to grow in population and defend, and do not have offensive troops. A conservative way of playing.
sitter: somebody with partial access to your account that helps you take care of it.
Spears= Spearmen
Support: If you have technical problems in the game itself that you can't resolve by using the Travian forum or FAQ, write a message to support. They are unbelievably busy answering trivial messages, so replies may take a while.
TT= Thuetes Thunders

feelfree to add tothis list or ask more information
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travain .dictionary short edition
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