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 Midgame Artifacts -- Some Info and Tactical Advantage

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PostSubject: Midgame Artifacts -- Some Info and Tactical Advantage   Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:48 am

Warning!! LONG POST

Mid-game artifacts are a Very important "ALLIANCE" Asset. The outcome of the the Game War etc would depend to a great extent how we run our artifacts wthin the alliance.
Well, Here are some of the old com7 reports of Midgame artifacts defenses.

(Unique Speed Account wide 3x faster troops)

(Large Speed Account wide 1.5x faster troops),6dc7261d6,8eae29bbf

(Small Diet. 50% reduction in crop consumption in the village),fc82895c1,f4f8ed31e

The Natar Defenses However greatly depends on the server strength itself but Should not vary more than (+/-) 15% in my opinion.

If one is going to Prep for the artifacts seriously I'd suggest Few things.

1. Build at least two lvl 10 Treasuries and One Lvl 20 Treasury (In a non capital village). Lvl 20 Treasury is a bitch to make it takes 3 full warehouses and around 3.5 million rss.

2. Keep an Expansion Slot open and a Full Cheifing Crew. NATAR VILLAGES CAN BE CHIEFED. So fortunately if you have a large artifact spawn near your cluster you just might want to chief it.

3. Moral Bonus Does apply on Natars. Intially Natar spawns as most population player in the server but Natars loose population very-very quickly. If the server is any good within 24 hours more than half of the artifacts would be stolen. So after 24 hours you'll be dealing with around 20% more defense owing to moral bonus.

4. Usually People loose out hero xp (See the 2nd report). So i'd suggest people to work in pairs An offensive player clearing and Defensvie player with his/her hero Capturing the artifact and later on they could shuffle them around. Typically it takes around 55 surviving catas to knock down a lvl 20 treasury. But with Moral bonus I'd suggest sending minimum 100 catas. (On some odd national servers I have seen it could take like 165 catas too knock down the treasury).

Tactical Advantages

Small Artifacts -- Well, they could be shuffled around quite easily lvl 10 treasury is only 350k ish in cost.

Scout (Eagle eyes??) -- Apart from usual scouting benefits its mostly an insurance for the major hammers against chiefing. Since it shows the incoming Troop types including Hero.

Cata Blinder (Rivals Confusion) -- It has a major disadvantage. It randomizes Fields if one has targeted among fields and Buildings if one has targeted among buildings.

So in a 15c capital 5 times out of 6 one is going to hit a crop-field. Not very lucrative.

However for a discovered non capital hammer It might be well worth to have it since its reduces the odds of getting the residence/palace getting knocked over and subsequent chiefings.

Speed -- Gives Shorter warning period to the defender. Hence reduces the chances of getting your hammer caught. Pretty useful in cross quad wars in the hands of a border player with a considerable sieze and hammer. Knowing that a player could wipe out a capital in less than 12 hours with more than 80k clear is scary!!.

Could also be used to make a pretty mean GHOST TT or EI hammer to catch enemy hammers at home.

Troop Training -- 2 Words for this one --Queue and Pass. One of the hottest artifacts around. This should strictly not be contained to any one player. Each of these should be shared among 3-4 major hammer players, preferebly not the WW Hammer players since it marks out the hammer village. (Yes the artifact page shows the villages they are being held in.)

Stronger Buildings (Architect's Secret??) -- Uhmm... No Comments. Except that its useless artifact most of the time.

100 Catas with or without this landing on a undefended capital will hurt. With this you'll just loose fewer levels.

Diet Control (Crop consumption reduction) -- Haven't really Made up my mind about this one if i like it or not. On paper this is a blaster but most of the time its a resource drainer for the holder (Beneficial to the alliance on the whole though) since it'll need protection most of the time (Static Defenses) And people not sending enough Crop.

Fools Artifact (Random effect every 24 hours) -- Tricky artifact and If managed well could give almost seamless reduced training time effect for the holder. Occasional speed burst and scout eyes are good to baffle the enemies in Cross-Quad Wars.

Storage Plans (GG GW;s building plans) -- Obvious benefits-- More storage in Non capital Hammers to enable you to sleep at night. Allows building Higher lvl tiles in Capitals (Lvl 20's and Lvl 21).


Large Artifacts.. (Will do a bit later Razz)
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PostSubject: Re: Midgame Artifacts -- Some Info and Tactical Advantage   Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:00 am

These are the Natars numbers from the current s2 and s9 servers:

Small: Troops 4183 2252 3361 110 2181 2324 1251 429 1 1
large: Troops 6435 3465 5170 138 3355 3575 1925 660 1 1
unique: Troops 9653 5198 7755 275 5033 5363 2888 990 1 1

Small: Troops 3818 2056 3067 100 1990 2121 1142 392 1 1
Large: Troops 5873 3163 4719 126 3062 3263 1757 602 1 1
Unique: Troops 8810 4744 7078 251 4593 4895 2636 904 1 1

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PostSubject: Re: Midgame Artifacts -- Some Info and Tactical Advantage   Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:54 am

They'll be more or less the same here. Relatively eassy to clear with a bigger hammer. The small ones will be wanted much. Got to take the trainers arti's when it comes to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Midgame Artifacts -- Some Info and Tactical Advantage   

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Midgame Artifacts -- Some Info and Tactical Advantage
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