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 ***Alliance Rules*** Important please read***

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PostSubject: ***Alliance Rules*** Important please read***   Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:43 am

Here are some general rules we'd like to abide by

1. Cropper Rules( 15c & 9c)
- Claiming croppers cannot be done*, it would be on a first come first serve basis, so if you have an eye on some cropper, hurry up and get it before some other alliance member gets to it.Take note that this applies only to other alliance members and confeds, if your cropper gets settled by other alliances, you have all rights to go after it.
*Exceptions are made if it’s your 7x7.Those can be claimed.Any settling in some member's 7x7 no matter if it's a cropper or regular, should announce themselves and be in agreement with the already present member

2. Farms
-There is no claiming of farms, we are all in this together and sharing of farms is part of the game.
The only exception is when a lot of troops are lost in making a farm, the player has the right to claim the farm for a period of 24hr, 48hrs, 72hrs (no more) in which he can recoup his losses.
The way to claim the farm is to post it in the Claims thread on the Vandals Forum
The subject should be titled Farm Claim (??|??)
You should provide a report of the attack with lost troops and the number of hrs you claim it for 24, 48 or 72.
If your claim is not posted accordingly, it will not be considered if possible conflicts appear.
*note: if you are not able to recoup losses in the given period, the farm was not worth your attack

 -These rules generally apply to crop oasis, as they are the most sought after.
Oasis distribution goes according to priority, so first priority goes to 15c, 9c, regular village in that descending order, capitals over others ofc.( these rules apply in cases where two players go for the same oasis).Situations involving two croppers for one oasis the situation will be decided by the internal affairs officer or leadership.

4.Troop Count
-Troop count is very important, its what separates the farms and simmers from us. A mandatory 1:1 troop to pop ratio is in place, and 1.5:1 for Teutons. Bear in mind that this is the bare minimum, and everyone should try and have higher than that. Not respecting this rule is unacceptable

5.CFD (call for defence)
- In the case you have multiple incoming attacks, and possible catas, contact your defence coordinator or other wing officers who then proceed to issue an alliance wide CFD message.Most of the officers know what a CFD message entails so will not bother posting here about it. The point is that while we are several wings, we are not divided by territory but are rather intermingled at this point, so CFDs should be alliance wide if need be.

6.Troop Tool
- Everyone is required to have a troop tool account and update it at least once a week.This will provide the leadership with the necessary information when coordinating attacks and CFDs. It won’t be long now when battlegroups and defence groups will be formed so we need everybody to pitch in

7.Official Time (UTC)
- UTC time will be the official time by which this alliance will coordinate, so every member is required to get acquainted with it. In some cases to avoid confusion, it is better to set the time on your travian acc to show UTC time instead of your own timezone.

- Every member is required to have a sitter, or even better 2 sitters.This will avoid yellow dots, which come with a warning and red and grey dots which result in immediate kicking.We are an alliance of active players , if you don’t have what it takes you have no place here.

- It is highly advised you be more active on the vandals forum, state your opinion and exchange thoughts with other members, we are here to work together as a team, so we need to get to know each other and be  a more tightly knit group.

-Having Skype installed will benefit our comunication a lot. We understand that not everybody has the availability to be present in Skype, so it’s left to us to advise whoever is able to get on it.Comunication is faster that way, and you have a better chance of getting to know your alliance members, state your opinions, get your requests met, and perhaps even spam a little  Twisted Evil

-All internal disputes will be decided by the internal affairs officers , so flaming about it on the forums and/or skype chatroom is not permitted.Contact leadership for any disputes so we can solve them as soon as possible

Any questions about these rules you can post here, just no spamming i beg you  lol!

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***Alliance Rules*** Important please read***
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