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 join and grow

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PostSubject: join and grow   Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:43 am

Hi Vandals!

My in game name is Gabor.
My population is 2785. My troops are 142 % in crop to my population.
My offensive rank is 1331, defensive rank is 2682

Why I would like to join yours ally. I have more reason, too.
The first is: The Vandals scout me and i see you want my villages, but me want too Smile So I hope now they would me with my villages Very Happy
Second: Is many people from my country, Hungary, in the Vandals and I have a good realtionship firstly with Danoon.
Third: I have a good relationship with my neighbours with Joerr and Autmnmann7800, too.
4th: Some members from the Vandals, said for me that they ally work good, and they said for me I write and try to connect to the Vandals.

I would lik eto grow in this game and build many villages. What is in my profile: I would like a game in peace? I don't attack peoples for reason, just... If they attacked me or my friends I attack back. If they attacked my ally, I help to kill they. But first I send defenders if somebody need, and I send resources if i can.

I have now two 9croppers, one is my capital.
If you have questions I try to ask him.
All the best!
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PostSubject: Re: join and grow   Sat May 08, 2010 4:58 pm

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join and grow
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