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 Handy tips for future server starts

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PostSubject: Handy tips for future server starts   Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:48 pm

I picked this up off a forum from an alliance I am in on, very handy, just change the links for whatever server you are starting out on:

Sending Troops Link:

You can modify the link that sends troops to another village so that it will automatically select the correct attack type and number of troops.

this is an example:
This is the link you get by clicking on a village and pressing the "Send Troops." button. (this link is specific to a particular village)

At this point, you can modify the above link in the following way:
adding &c=1 makes it a reinforcement.
adding &c=3 makes it a normal attack
adding &c=4 makes it a raid.

so, assuming you are sending a raid, your link should now look like this:

you can also modify the link to automatically select the troops you want to send on the raid/attack/reinforcement:
&t1=10 will select 10 of the first troop type (Teutons- Clubbies, Gauls- Phalanxes, Romans- Legionnaires)
&t2=10 will select 10 of the second troop type
and so on
&t11=1 will select your hero
obviously, &t1=65 will select 65 of your first troop type.

so, the following link will send a raid at the selected village with 15 clubbies (if you are a teuton)

I have used this for 2 things recently,

1) Dodging troops in early game.
You can keep the following link handy and it will select all the troops you have at home and reinforce a neighbor.. ... =100&t11=1
(assuming ofc you don't have more than 10k per troop type- hence why I said, early game)

2) Setting up raids in FireFox.
If you use FireFox and the favorites method to send out your raids, you can modify each link so that when you open all the tabs, they already are on raid and have the correct number of troops selected.
For example, to send out a 2 clubbie raid to each farm in your favorites, simple add &c=4&t1=2 to the end of the links you already have.
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Handy tips for future server starts
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