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 Expanding your empire

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PostSubject: Expanding your empire   Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:29 pm

As the game goes on, the focus turns a little more towards gaining more villages faster and effective defense and growth of your villages. How do you do this?

1. Try to build your villages in clumps, close together. Some players like CNN favor having many villages adjacent over having a cropper. Waiting for a cropper instead of building another non-cropper village delays your expansion. Keep in mind that a 6c with 50% oasis bonus produces nearly as much crop as a 9c without oasis bonus. Take a cropper when it's available, but don't wait around 4 weeks while you have CP for a new village! A new village means more CP and more resources.

Building villages way out in newbie land (e.g., 300|100) may be great fun for raiding small villages and developing without nearby threats, but they won't support your main villages in ArEs territory, and they won't support the alliance when the time comes for war, and they won't support the alliance when the time comes for the World Wonder.

2. If you have plenty of resources,

  • Defense: upgrade walls to 20 and granaries to 20
    (in very important villages and croppers, upgrade main building and residence to 20 to help protect them from chiefing and catapulting)
  • build a town hall and hold parties
  • upgrade all your marketplaces to 20 and trade offices to at least 5, maybe 10
  • upgrade academies
  • send one hour's production to me

3. to be continued... (points finger at second guest speaker)

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Number of posts : 731
Location : ArEs-NE
Registration date : 2009-01-03

PostSubject: Culture Points   Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:01 pm

How do those culture points work, anyway?

You need culture points to expand your villages. I find that I have enough culture points for a new village about every 2 weeks at this point. One balance issue is deciding when to throw parties and when to upgrade buildings. Here's what I found when I was bored and sick with a spreadsheet today:

celebration wood clay iron crop total rsc/cp
small 6400 6650 5940 1340 20330 40.66
great 29700 33250 32000 6700 101650 50.83

For comparison:
Building Levels Total Rsc CP Rsc/CP
Building Levels Total Rsc CP Rsc/CP
Academy 1-10 19675 25 787
1-20 251640 153 1644
Marketplace 1-20 168030 115 1461
Trade Office 1-10 169700 31 5474
Town Hall 1-10 16287531 5254

Keep in mind that culture points are per day. A level 10 academy is only 25 culture points, but that's 500 culture points after 20 days. The total cost of all levels of an academy 1-10 is 19675, which is less than the 20,330 that a single small party costs. That means after 20 days, you'll be gaining more CP from an academy level 10 than from the single small party you might have used the same resources for.

An academy level 20, on the other hand, generates 153 culture points, which takes only 3.25 days to generate 500 culture points that a small party generates --- but a level 20 academy costs 12 times as much, so after 12 sets of 3.25 days (12*3.25 = 39) (Quick method: 1644/40.66 = 40.43), that's about 40 days, then your resources are better spent on the academy than on small parties. Notice that a trade office or town hall to level 10 is significantly less beneficial than academy to 20 (much higher cost, fewer CP).

So you'll need to strike a balance between getting Culture Points NOW and looking to the future to see "hey, I'll really be better served upgrading my CP production than by buying CP straight out with a party".

(This post paid for by the government of the state of California for my sick day.)
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Expanding your empire
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